Free Innovative Tools to Help Cutting Energy BillsFor prospective and current Octopus Energy users

Unlike major energy providers in the UK which provide only traditional energy tariffs (with so few to choose from), Octopus Energy offers a lot of smart and intelligent energy tariffs both for electricity and gas. In fact, currently, there are over a dozen tariffs for prospective and current Octopus Energy users to choose from!

The multi-million question now is: which tariff is the cheapest or more beneficial to me?

Unfortunately, Octopus Energy itself cannot or would not offer a satisfactory answer to this (maybe owing to a conflict of interest - it earns more when you pay more...). And that is the very reason why this Octoprice App comes into existence (by the way, this website can actually be "installed" as if it is an "app", technically also known as a "Progressive Web App", so this post from now on will refer this website as "the App")!

Note: You may read the following sentence from your Octopus bill: "Good news, you're already on our cheapest tariff. We'll let you know if this changes." Just do not trust this! I am a victim myself until I find out by switching to Tracker which have saved me over 1/3 over my previous bill!

This Octoprice App provides a number of innovative tools that can help prospective and current Octopus Energy users to compare, choose and switch the optimal tariffs at the optimal time to save the most.

Free Innovative Tools in the Octoprice App

Below is a list of the tools currently available on the Octoprice App and their short descriptions:

For Everyone

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For complete transparency, if you sign up through my refer link to Octopus Energy, I will also earn £50 which would contribute to the ongoing development and regular maintenance of this website. This website has an annual running cost of over £100 and I have personally spent over 600 hours of my time on the continual development of this website and tools.

For Current Octopus Energy Users

[Worry not if you are a prospective user researching at the moment, I have also included a "Trial Mode" for you to try and see how things work without the need of any info to be provided by you! Simply click on the links below and click on the "Try it out" button!] You will need an API key and your Octopus account number to unlock the full functions of these tools.

Information / Data Visualization

Tariff Comparision

Advanced Tools

Thanks the Speak to the Geek Youtube Channel by Oliver Shingler for the excellent introduction:

It sounds so good, but, what is the Catch?

I can promise there is NO catch. All your personal information is stored on your device (i.e. phone or computer) ONLY. I have absolutely NO access to your data. All your account and consumption data passes between your browser and Octopus Energy server only. And if you encounter any errors while using this website, I will need to ask your API key and account number in order to debug it as I cannot gain access to your data via the app without your info.

I have even decided to open-sourced my source code so that if you know about web development (in particular React), you can check if I have planted any malicious code in it.

This project starts out as a showcase of my development skills to prospective employers but it has grown rapidly in popularity among Octopus Energy users. And yes, I am a Octopus Energy user too!