I am Edward - frontend web developer and designer. Nice to meet you!

Like you, I am an Octopus energy user. I just love the intelligent tariffs and the savings Octopus is bringing. I keep thinking is there anything I can make it any better with my skillsets.

The Octoprice app is my two cents to help dear Octopus users who would want an easier and visually more pleasant way to get the latest unit rates to plan ahead for energy uses for greater savings on costs.

I do hope you find this app useful.

And the boring legal stuff ... all the data are obtained directly from the Octopus API to allow timely and accurate updates. But while I have diligently checked and tested the app and data to be accurate and correct, all information on this website is for references only. By using this app, you agree to take all responsibility for your actions based on the information provided here.


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If you find this app useful, please consider supporting the app through "buy me a coffee".
Your support means a lot to me and will help keeping the app online. Thank you so much!

A word about personal privacy: This app doesn't collect any personal information as all your information entered are available within your browser only (with localstorage) and is used to directly communicate with Octopus server. You can browse the source code of this app on Github to confirm this.

And this app has no direct association with Octopus Energy except it is using thg data Octopus is providing.