Octopus Tariffs at a Glance

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Electricity Import & Export

In addition to the standard flexible (SVT), Economy-7 and fixed electicity tariffs, Octopus Energy innovates a lot of smart and intelligent tariffs, while some are experimental in nature but most of these innovative tariffs provide exceptional values. The following table summarizes the various electricity import and export tariffs and their requirements.

Agile OutgoingOctopus FluxIntelligent Octopus FluxFixed OutgoingFixed Outgoing Lite
Agile Import
Tracker Import
Flexible Import
Fixed Import
Octopus Flux
Intelligent Flux
Octopus Go
Intelligent Go
Octopus Cosy


Gas tariffs are a bit less intelligent than electricity. In addition to the standard flexible (SVT) and fixed gas tariffs, Octopus Energy also offers the tracker tariff which follows the rise and drop of wholesale gas price.